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One day I know they will thank me for teaching them the true joys of life.

When my bed has no one else in it, which isn’t often, they both come in and cuddle up to Mommy’s naked body, and even though they are considered to be too old I still breast feed them both at the same time.

Call me a fucking trailer trash, slut, fuck whore, and cocksucker and you will bring a smile to my face every time, but I would like it better if your cock was in my mouth instead.

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You never know what naughty things I may make you do.Maybe I’ll make you wear panties under your suit at work, insert a butt plug and keep it in while you are at your desk, or coat your nipples with purple lipstick and send me a photo.Who can blame her wanting to cum as many times a day as possible!I have so many dirty thoughts that I need to share, and what’s wrong that?I know you have some secrets growing up that you could never share with your friends and no way you would ever tell your wife. It’s okay to be excited and turned on thinking about your past experiences, no matter who they were with.

Did you grow up in a very strict home or just the opposite, a home that embraced nudity and sexuality?

I really enjoy this, in fact it gets me so hot I cum every time and that pleases the little brats, but not nearly as much as it please me…

I have taught my little man so well he is actually making money for Mommy on the side.

Hi I’m Devon, and everyone refers to me as fucking trailer trash, slut, fuck whore, and cocksucker! I am a Mommy of 2 who is bringing up her little brats the right way!

They have been watching Mommy suck, fuck, lick, and eat cream-pie their entire lives.

Crawl to me like a bitch in heat and beg to sniff my panty covered cock. Show me the hunger in your eyes and let me hear the desperation in your voice.